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Welcome to Kayak4you

We are specialised on sea kayaks and touring kayaks.
Our goal is to offer high quality kayaks fitting as close as possible to your demands. All kayaks can be tested directly on open water close to our store.
We sell kayaks predominantly from:

North Shore
"World of Kayaks"
but also from Prijon, Point 65, Wenhonpesä, NELO
and some other companies.

We import kayaks from Sweden, Finland, Estonia and England and Potugal.
We paddle all kayaks before we sell so that we know what we can recommend!
Among our kayaks you will find some of the fastest on the market which are still manageable by a reasonably skilled person. At present we do not deal with purely competition kayaks.
Besides fast single and recreational single kayaks we also keep a range of seaworthy double kayaks. These are especially Necky Amaruk, Welhonpesä Star double and Star 630 and for rivers shorter boats from Prijon. If you wish we can supply you with any kayak from Prijon in relatively short time. Glass-fibre kayaks will not be shipped but transported on demand by ourselves to avoid damage.
In addition we can provide you with high quality equipment and utilities from Palm, England; Reed, England; hf, Germany; and Werner paddle form USA.

October 2011

Full range of TIDERACE sea kayaks
in Germany only available at the KAYAK4YOU store in Greifswald /Ile of Riems. Please contact us for more details. We speak English and Swedish!

Reed paddle gear:

What is so special with Reed?
Chris Reed produces trousers and tops in different materials in England. They are all very light-weight and super stretchy and are made by a paddler for paddlers. Chris is an active sea-kayaker with strong links to the British kayak scene.
The idea behind his design is to keep cold water from reaching the body, to use materials that quickly drain off and thereby efficiently prevent cooling from diffusion. Under a relatively thin and light layer of watertight material he recommends transpire fleece to wear next to the body. This is a very comfortable material designed to function. Very soft and cosy in feeling brushed on the inside. Normally we have a small collection in stock. Missing items can be ordered quickly.
We have some standard paddles in stock but most of our paddles are of higher class (e.g. Werner Paddles or Lendal Paddles) since we know that paddling a light weight gear is much more fun.

How to reach us:

We do not keep fixed opening hours but we are available for you on demand. You can reach us by phone every day, including Sunday until 9 pm (mobile phone No. +49 (0) 174 3224399 or by e-mail to
You may have conversation with us in English, Swedish and naturally in German.
Our main store is at the Baltic coast about 15 km West of Greifswald on the Island Riems.
Address: An der Wiek 4, D-17493 Greifswald Riemserort. The nearest possibility to test our kayaks is just 100 metres from the store.

Where to paddle:

The environment is a beautiful area with lots of kayaking possibilities. From here it’s about 10 km to the Island Rügen, the largest Island of Germany. It is becoming more and more popular to circumnavigate Rügen during summertime. The shore of Rügen is in many parts just fantastic. Shallow beaches are changing to steep areas with white cliffs. The total shore line is about 240 km long. To the East you can reach the Island Usedom in 3-4 hours by kayak. On your way you are passing by the picturesque Fishing village Wieck with a bascule bridge from the 19th century and the seaside resort Lubmin which in summertime is popular among the people from the University town Greifswald. Lubmin has a 6-8 km long sandy beach. There are two more Islands to visit for the more advanced paddler. The first is the Island Ruden which has a small harbour and which is between Rügen and Usedom 10 km to the former and about 8 km to the latter.
The absolute highlight is the tiny Island Greifswalder Oie which you can spot north of Ruden already in the open Baltic Sea. It is sometimes called the Helgoland of the East because of its beauty.

The surroundings:

Although Riems is a very small island in the Strela sound it is relatively well known because it is the home of one of the most important research institutes for animal diseases in Germany. It is the Löffler institute named after the famous German microbiologist Friedrich Löffler. The island is in nowerdays connected to the mainland by an embankment. Currently (October 2007) a passage is built into the embankment to allow for enhanced water exchange to the bay of Gristow.


A small fishing village closest to the island Riems is characterised by its church beautifully situated on a small knoll. It is possible to climb the church tower for a little fee and on top one will enjoy a magnificent view over the bay and towards the Karrendorfer wet lands and Greifswald.

The Karrendorfer wet lands are a paradise for birds and bird watchers. In autumn cranes can bee seen mostly early in the morning and shortly before sun set.

At the south end of the bay there is another attraction a nature adventure park showing lots of local domestic animals. It is especially popular among young families with small children.

Stahlbrode and the Strela sound:

From our store to the west one can stroll or cycle along the coast to Stahlbrode, a small village with a small harbour and a ferry leading to Rügen. From Stahlbrode one can continue the way along the coast and will pass by the mariner Neuhof and finally reach the old Hanse town Stralsund. The old town of Stralsund is worth seeing as well as the sea museum. Stralsund is also home of a large ship yard and it is the main port and connection to Rügen.


Greifswald is an old Hanse town with a beautiful market place and a museum harbour on the river Ryck, showing several old wooden ships. Greifswald has also a very important museum with exhibitions of the famous local artist Casper David Friedrich known for his romantic scenes of the landscape around Greifswald and Rügen. The University is said to be the oldest university of Sweden. The district has been under Swedish government until 1815. Furthermore Greifswald is characterised by three impressive churches. Not far from Greifswald down the river Ryck one can reach the beautiful fishing village Wiek. There is a lane along the river ideal for walking or cycling.